Natural Facial


Winter weather wrecks havoc on my skin. My face is dull, dry, in some spot flaky, all because of the harsh cold wintry New York weather. I have spent lots of money trying to find a solution from the drug stores in the area. Half filled tubes fill my bathroom cabinets of products that didn’t really work. So, since I am on this quest to be more natural in the way I live my life and the products that I use I decided to try something completely different.

Talking to friends, and reading various magazines and computer sites, I have come across some solutions that take the natural path. One such solution for my dry dull wintry skin was an avocado facial. It was very simple to create which works well for me. Simple and quick with beautiful results.

Take an avocado and slice a piece off. It doesn’t need to be a big slice, then take a spoon and mash the avocado until all the lumps are out. I’ll be honest I’m not a huge fan of the lime green color or the slimy feel on my fingers, but after taking a nice size dollop and massaging it into my face it felt really nice. Make sure to get as close to the eyes as possible and leave on for 20 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water. The end result is a nice healthy shine and glow, that’s made from all natural ingredients.


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