A Work in Progress

I am not the finished product, there is still a whole lot of growth and learning to be done.  I can be stubborn, narrow-minded, argumentative — need I go on.   At the same time I am kind, generous and giving to a fault. The lists would be longer if I were to desribe all of the negative and positive aspects of my personality. These are the characteristics that make me who I am.

I am not a perfect being, nowhere near it.  Nor do I try to act like I am.  I am just me, a person who recognizes her strengths and weaknesses, and am willing to put in the work to make the changes I see fit.  I am working on myself, on so many levels and that takes time.  Sometimes you have to relearn things you forget, like self-compassion, or you have to learn things for the first time.  But whatever the case may be its a journey for you alone.

Someone on the outside looking in can be quick to point out your faults, or negative qualities that they may see in you.  But instead of getting upset, I am learning to hear them , acknowledge what they said and move on.  One of the biggest lessons that I am still learning is not to take, or carry in my heart what others say about me.  This is my journey, my life and I am living it the way I see fit.  Stumbles, falls, scrapes and bruises making me become the woman, mother, lover that I want to be.


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