Friendship Lessons

Recently a friendship ended in my life. I considered this person to be a very close friend and confident. We shared thoughts and aspirations with each other. Shared personal histories and secrets, I opened up and told this person things I never told anyone. This person did the same with me. We both have a creative side and I shared my poetry and writings with them. We were supposed to begin working on a piece together.

But while we had those wonderful interactions above, there was another side to our friendship. There were times when negative energy would come inside of our friendship and we didn’t always behave on a friendly level. Also we were, at times, too much alike and bumped heads often. While those arguments were draining I believe we both learned a lot from them, about ourselves, and about people in general.

Now that the friendship has ended, and yes it was over petty nonsense, I am mourning the friendship. I will no longer have that person to shoot my ideas with. I will no longer have that person to share my writings with, my biggest critic,editor is gone. No more late night phone calls sharing secrets, giving advice or just catching up with the goings on of each others life. I will definitely miss the interactions, but now I question how much of a friendship it actually was if it could end so easily over nonsense. I am not one to open up to friends easily but I did and realize I actually like it. Even though this one is gone I now realize that I am able and willing to invest in having friends again.


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