Stepping Out On My Own

Last weekend there was a poetry event that I really wanted to attend.  I asked several of my girlfriends, but for whatever reason they were unable to attend.  Most of my male friends work at night just like me and were unable to attend also.

Usually that ends my story, if I don’t have anyone to roll with I stay home.  Needless to say, my social life is almost null because of it.  I have crazy work hours, not to mention that I work weekends, and most of my friends hours are a lot like mine.  Then there is also the fact that everyone doesn’t like the things that I do — I have an eclectic style according to some people.  I love gritting hip-hop concerts, any kind of spoken word events, and I love going to museums to name a few.  Not too many of my friends can say the same.

So trying to find events that will make everyone happy is hard to say the least, so most things get passed over because not everyone agrees.  If by chance we can find an event that everyone likes, there is still the issue of getting someone to watch my child for me.  There’s always something, so more often than not I don’t go out.  So last weekend I had a sitter and no plans.  Well actually I did have plans but no one to go with.  I was just getting ready to talk myself into staying home and chilling with my son when a voice said, “Go alone.”

Hmm, I thought, would it be so bad if I went alone?  I used to always roll solo, and I used to have a lot of fun doing so.  I don’t always play well with others, no, just joking, but I don’t always like going out with people because I don’t want to leave if I’m not ready, or wait if I’m ready to go.  Also I don’t always like to be bothered with casual conversation, jokes, etc.  I just want to see the event.

So ignoring all other voices, I got dressed and trekked to the event solo.  And had a ball.  I heard some good poets, met several nice people who encouraged and inspired me.  And I wouldn’t  have met those wonderful souls if I had stay home instead of traveling solo.


3 thoughts on “Stepping Out On My Own

  1. It’s a great place to be, I refer to it as “being with myself”! Wait until you vacation with yourself.

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