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Walking for Enjoyment

Yesterday was a beautiful day for walking. The weather was not to hot, not to cold, just a beautiful sunny spring day. New York weather has been so unpredictable, so having a good day felt great.

I decided to go downtown Brooklyn to the promenade to walk and take in the beautiful sites. The promenade has a beautiful view of Manhattan, and the water is calming and peaceful. Walking at a quick pace and taking in the sites is such a nice way to clear my mind, and be at peace. I had my walking music playing in the background, putting me in a trance like state, as I walked to the beat. I walked around the promenade enjoying the atmosphere, seeing people walking different breeds of dogs. I met a 77-year-old man who told me he walked the area 7 days a week, around the promenade completely from end to end 7 times. He had a nice pace too, and didn’t look to be 77 at all.

After I completed my 3 complete rounds, I decided I wanted to continue walking and explore the downtown area. I walked down Montague, Court, State and Smith streets among many others. Found a couple of cool stores, places to eat that I want to try, etc. Walking and listening to music put me in a zone and before I knew it I ended up at the Barclays Center on Atlantic Avenue, home of the Brooklyn Nets. By this time I had walked almost nine miles and was in need of a break. I went home feeling exhausted in a good way, knowing that I cleared my mind, worked my body and enjoyed the day.

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Some of My Many Facets

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There are so many different aspects of me, and sometimes I am afraid to acknowledge things.  Finally after doing so for way too many years I acknowledge that I am a writer.  I have been writing since childhood–poetry, short-stories, plays– you name it, I have definitely tried my hand at it.  For years I have kept my work hidden, writing for hours and then just leaving the finished product in a notebook on my desk.

This past year I finally started sharing my work with others outside of family, and I have been getting wonderful feedback and encouragement.  This has led me to seriously look into different avenues to pursue with my writing.  It also led to the creation of this blog, which I always wanted to do but lacked the courage to do so.

Another title which I am claiming, even though I am very much a novice at, is an artist.  I used to love to spend hours drawing, sketching and creating different types of abstract art using markers and colored pencils.  Besides the fact that doing so calmed my spirit, I enjoyed the freedom of creating.  I’m not sure why I stopped doing it, life got in the way I guess, but I have slowly started back up.

I realize that I am way more reserved in the work I’m creating now.  Very timid, and rigid, like I am afraid to let go of whatever is holding me back.  I know I wasn’t always this way and am working hard to let go of my inhibitions.  But like I said in a previous blog entry I am a work in progress, still learning and growing.  And really enjoying and embracing this journey.