Walking for Enjoyment

Yesterday was a beautiful day for walking. The weather was not to hot, not to cold, just a beautiful sunny spring day. New York weather has been so unpredictable, so having a good day felt great.

I decided to go downtown Brooklyn to the promenade to walk and take in the beautiful sites. The promenade has a beautiful view of Manhattan, and the water is calming and peaceful. Walking at a quick pace and taking in the sites is such a nice way to clear my mind, and be at peace. I had my walking music playing in the background, putting me in a trance like state, as I walked to the beat. I walked around the promenade enjoying the atmosphere, seeing people walking different breeds of dogs. I met a 77-year-old man who told me he walked the area 7 days a week, around the promenade completely from end to end 7 times. He had a nice pace too, and didn’t look to be 77 at all.

After I completed my 3 complete rounds, I decided I wanted to continue walking and explore the downtown area. I walked down Montague, Court, State and Smith streets among many others. Found a couple of cool stores, places to eat that I want to try, etc. Walking and listening to music put me in a zone and before I knew it I ended up at the Barclays Center on Atlantic Avenue, home of the Brooklyn Nets. By this time I had walked almost nine miles and was in need of a break. I went home feeling exhausted in a good way, knowing that I cleared my mind, worked my body and enjoyed the day.

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