Rainy Days

Today the skies opened up, and rain poured out of the sky, washing away the grit of the city. At times the lightening cracked, and the sky lit up. I love days like this. I didn’t have to work today, so it really was a lazy day. I opened my blinds and watched the grey skies, the rain beating on the window, putting me in a reflective mood.

First the journal came out, and I took the time to put my thoughts on paper without having to rush to get done. I wrote all my thoughts and aspirations, along with some key events that’s in the limelight of my life right now. A poem popped up while I was writing, and all I had to do was let the pen fly across the paper, the poem felt like it wrote itself. Love when that happens.

After I finished writing, I took out my art journal and completed several pages. I experimented with colors and shapes, trying real hard to incorporate reds, oranges and yellows into my work. It just seemed like the ideas came freely, like the creativity pump was flowing strong. Before I knew it 2 o’clock was here and I had to prepare to pick up my child, so I had to stop the flow of my work.

Spent the rest of the evening bonding with my son, discussing a story he is writing along with his newest blog post. He has so many of my traits, and I love watching the creativity flow through him also.

Now the house is quiet, and my day is about done. I got so much accomplished today, without the stress or frantic pace. I love days like this.

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