Rainy Days

Rainy Days.


Rainy Days

Today the skies opened up, and rain poured out of the sky, washing away the grit of the city. At times the lightening cracked, and the sky lit up. I love days like this. I didn’t have to work today, so it really was a lazy day. I opened my blinds and watched the grey skies, the rain beating on the window, putting me in a reflective mood.

First the journal came out, and I took the time to put my thoughts on paper without having to rush to get done. I wrote all my thoughts and aspirations, along with some key events that’s in the limelight of my life right now. A poem popped up while I was writing, and all I had to do was let the pen fly across the paper, the poem felt like it wrote itself. Love when that happens.

After I finished writing, I took out my art journal and completed several pages. I experimented with colors and shapes, trying real hard to incorporate reds, oranges and yellows into my work. It just seemed like the ideas came freely, like the creativity pump was flowing strong. Before I knew it 2 o’clock was here and I had to prepare to pick up my child, so I had to stop the flow of my work.

Spent the rest of the evening bonding with my son, discussing a story he is writing along with his newest blog post. He has so many of my traits, and I love watching the creativity flow through him also.

Now the house is quiet, and my day is about done. I got so much accomplished today, without the stress or frantic pace. I love days like this.

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Sunday Mornings


I love Sunday mornings, everything seems so peaceful and calm. It is usually quiet in my neighborhood, except for the sound of birds chirping. occasionally you will hear someone starting their car to take them to church. Sunday mornings I love to get up early exercise, and mediate, preparing my mind for a brand new day and week. This morning I got up at 6 a.m. stretched, and completed 15 minutes of hula hooping. After, with my heart pumping fast, I decide to put on a video and complete 30 minutes of Zumba. By then my heart was beating profusely, sweat dripping down my face and the slight exhaust you feel when you worked your body out good.

After getting dress, I get the ingredients ready for my breakfast smoothie. Fresh watermelon, frozen peaches, grapes, and strawberries, combined with vanilla soy milk, mmm mmm good. My stomach is full and I feel so relaxed. Ready to start my day and prepare for work. Standing now with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, enjoying the morning breeze, looking forward to a lovely day.

Walking for Enjoyment

Yesterday was a beautiful day for walking. The weather was not to hot, not to cold, just a beautiful sunny spring day. New York weather has been so unpredictable, so having a good day felt great.

I decided to go downtown Brooklyn to the promenade to walk and take in the beautiful sites. The promenade has a beautiful view of Manhattan, and the water is calming and peaceful. Walking at a quick pace and taking in the sites is such a nice way to clear my mind, and be at peace. I had my walking music playing in the background, putting me in a trance like state, as I walked to the beat. I walked around the promenade enjoying the atmosphere, seeing people walking different breeds of dogs. I met a 77-year-old man who told me he walked the area 7 days a week, around the promenade completely from end to end 7 times. He had a nice pace too, and didn’t look to be 77 at all.

After I completed my 3 complete rounds, I decided I wanted to continue walking and explore the downtown area. I walked down Montague, Court, State and Smith streets among many others. Found a couple of cool stores, places to eat that I want to try, etc. Walking and listening to music put me in a zone and before I knew it I ended up at the Barclays Center on Atlantic Avenue, home of the Brooklyn Nets. By this time I had walked almost nine miles and was in need of a break. I went home feeling exhausted in a good way, knowing that I cleared my mind, worked my body and enjoyed the day.

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Some of My Many Facets

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There are so many different aspects of me, and sometimes I am afraid to acknowledge things.  Finally after doing so for way too many years I acknowledge that I am a writer.  I have been writing since childhood–poetry, short-stories, plays– you name it, I have definitely tried my hand at it.  For years I have kept my work hidden, writing for hours and then just leaving the finished product in a notebook on my desk.

This past year I finally started sharing my work with others outside of family, and I have been getting wonderful feedback and encouragement.  This has led me to seriously look into different avenues to pursue with my writing.  It also led to the creation of this blog, which I always wanted to do but lacked the courage to do so.

Another title which I am claiming, even though I am very much a novice at, is an artist.  I used to love to spend hours drawing, sketching and creating different types of abstract art using markers and colored pencils.  Besides the fact that doing so calmed my spirit, I enjoyed the freedom of creating.  I’m not sure why I stopped doing it, life got in the way I guess, but I have slowly started back up.

I realize that I am way more reserved in the work I’m creating now.  Very timid, and rigid, like I am afraid to let go of whatever is holding me back.  I know I wasn’t always this way and am working hard to let go of my inhibitions.  But like I said in a previous blog entry I am a work in progress, still learning and growing.  And really enjoying and embracing this journey.

Stepping Out On My Own

Last weekend there was a poetry event that I really wanted to attend.  I asked several of my girlfriends, but for whatever reason they were unable to attend.  Most of my male friends work at night just like me and were unable to attend also.

Usually that ends my story, if I don’t have anyone to roll with I stay home.  Needless to say, my social life is almost null because of it.  I have crazy work hours, not to mention that I work weekends, and most of my friends hours are a lot like mine.  Then there is also the fact that everyone doesn’t like the things that I do — I have an eclectic style according to some people.  I love gritting hip-hop concerts, any kind of spoken word events, and I love going to museums to name a few.  Not too many of my friends can say the same.

So trying to find events that will make everyone happy is hard to say the least, so most things get passed over because not everyone agrees.  If by chance we can find an event that everyone likes, there is still the issue of getting someone to watch my child for me.  There’s always something, so more often than not I don’t go out.  So last weekend I had a sitter and no plans.  Well actually I did have plans but no one to go with.  I was just getting ready to talk myself into staying home and chilling with my son when a voice said, “Go alone.”

Hmm, I thought, would it be so bad if I went alone?  I used to always roll solo, and I used to have a lot of fun doing so.  I don’t always play well with others, no, just joking, but I don’t always like going out with people because I don’t want to leave if I’m not ready, or wait if I’m ready to go.  Also I don’t always like to be bothered with casual conversation, jokes, etc.  I just want to see the event.

So ignoring all other voices, I got dressed and trekked to the event solo.  And had a ball.  I heard some good poets, met several nice people who encouraged and inspired me.  And I wouldn’t  have met those wonderful souls if I had stay home instead of traveling solo.